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Arkansas State University: Spring 2017

Principles of Macroeconomics/MW 1:00-2:15

Selected quotes:

 The material was interesting and will help me in everyday life and to make the most appropriate business decisions.

The materials for the course are very much needed for progression into adult life. I believe that what I learned in this course will definitely help me in the long run

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the text! And I am 110% positive that I would not have enjoyed it as much learning Macro from a professor other than Mr. Jackson.

 I've learned a bunch about economics in this course and I love the learning environment. He makes class fun!

Thad Jackson has been one of my overall favorite professors here at A-State. If we had more professors who cared about his students and about us truly learning the material we would have a much better education here at A-State.

Macroeconomics is a required course for all business majors, but I think it should be required for everyone on campus. It is such essential information.

He often goes on tangents that have nothing to do with the course. We spent an entire lecture on the dangers of marijuana. This had nothing to do with the course and no one asked for it. Once spent at least 30 minutes on a tangent about how certain chemicals are bad for the environment. Argued with students about the topic, even though he stated multiple times that he is not an expert and may be wrong but still insisted that he was right according to his sources. If you don't know what you're talking about then don't try to teach it, especially if it has nothing to do with the course.

Best class I've had during my college career just because of the teacher and his ability to teach. Makes the subject matter very clear and even gives life tips.

The instructor was very enthusiastic about teaching the course and helping students to mature and learn. His lectures would sometimes turn to life lessons, which he gave with the rigor of a missionary. This was one of my favorite courses and instructors in this school. 10/10.

I don't know how you all stumbled across this man, but every single resource possible needs to be utilized in order to keep Thad Jackson here at A-STATE. Mr. Jackson is the absolute best instructor I have had or will ever have again in my time as a student. There is no BS in this man. Not only does Mr. Jackson communicate the material in a memorable and energetic manner, he goes above and beyond the requirements of a college instructor by telling his students that they can meet them anytime, anywhere to help with the text. On-campus, off-campus, during a work break, etc. Everyday I watch him lecture, I can see a desperateness behind his eyes because he NEEDS to make sure each and everyone one of his students leaves his course knowing at least a fraction of MacroEconomics. Not so that we can score high on his tests, but so that we can set ourselves up for success for our future- so we don't end up like those he's seen in his life, people who were ignorant about macroeconomic activity. Give this instructor a Special Topics course. I speak for multiple other students when I say that class would be *expletive* awesome. Seriously, you have a gem here, give him the praise he deserves. - please sit in on a lecture- you might learn something.

Mr. Jackson is the most enthusiastic teacher I've had in my two years here at Arkansas State. He loves what he does and he wants you to love it as well.

I honestly did not think I would enjoy the course when I started, but the teacher has made it very interesting and easy to understand the different concepts that are taught.

Mr. Jackson is the best instructor/professor/teacher I have ever had in my life. Since Day 1, I have found myself immersed in the topic he is giving a lecture on, even if I was tired or distracted when I came to class. He is fair, but not a pushover. He is fun and hilarious, but not unprofessional. The homework is challenging, but not "hard". The tests can be difficult, but only if you have ignored the lectures and homework. Mr. Jackson is energetic, but not to the point it's annoying. He gives just enough of his own life experiences to make the learnings relatable to ANY student, regardless of race, sex, disability, or age. I am genuinely interested in understanding how he wound up at AState, if there is a new system in place for hiring professors or something. Because I am a junior and would pay double the tuition to have a professor like him for all of my upper level-ish classes, I honestly would. At any rate, way to go AState Human Resources and hiring team on this one!

Very above average instruction. Mr. Jackson has all the students in mind while teaching and will go at a pace that suits everybody.

I thought the professor did a great job teaching the course. He made it understandable and taught it in a way that made us actually learn it instead of just memorizing information.

Definitely enthusiastic about economics, but it was often misdirected. And his professionalism could stand to be improved upon. For example, one day attendance was particularly low and he repeatedly called them "bastards" for skipping and went on a tangent about skipping class and how they deserved to fail.

Thad Jackson's greatest strengths were his knowledge on the material and his oratory skills. He gave many lectures that yielded many benefits and life advice.

Mr. Jackson is probably the most well-read individual I've ever seen in person. He has an article, a case study, a journal for almost all topics. If you express additional interest in a subject, he will send you links to 4 books/journals about the subject. His lectures are engaging and thought-provoking. I had exactly zero interest in Macroeconomics before this class. Now I'm considering a minor in Economics. THAT should tell you something. Life-lesson tangents. I know that some of his bird-walking doesn't pertain to economics, but the value of the things he says almost outweighs the value of economic thought. Mr. Jackson has a rare ability of being unbiased and objective when talking about life in general. The effects of marijuana and long-lasting results to cognitive function, the ideas of business ethics and how not to save for the future, but to save for the "now" because "the future never comes." Above all, Mr. Jackson told us that it's easy to pass college. How students cram for test
after test, never really learning how to retain the information we paid so much for. At the end of the four year (or more) cycle, the only thing students have to show for it is a piece of paper to put on the wall. He talked about the emptiness a student who only learns how to pass tests feels at the end of college, with nothing substantial to show for it.

Energy, relatability, and, most importantly, his willingness to do anything in his power to help us understand Economics and apply it to our future careers and personal lives. He is also very intuitive, it almost seems like he adjusts the lecture if he feels the students aren't involved and somehow redirects their attention so they become involved again. It's truly fascinating. Every time I go to class, all students are looking directly at him, even though he doesn't do the "don't touch your phones during my class" thing. In fact, his leniency on things like that is exactly why he is respected - he makes it impossible not to succeed. Every resource, every video, every book or paper ever written you could possibly need to be successful in Economics - if he doesn't tell us about it, he is at the very least willing to find out the answer to any question we ask. I genuinely do not understand how in the heck he is able to do everything he does for his courses and students, I mean, there's a level of
commitment on his part that beats anything I've ever seen. Thank you Mr. Jackson!

He knew the material very well. He really cared about his students and their learning material versus memorizing it. He was experienced and could relate it to our everyday life with examples and stories. He keeps the class from being boring.

Greatest strengths would be how he makes the class interesting.

Well he kinda picks fun a kids on occasion, but he never does it in a mean way. He encourages you to speak up. I feel like sitting near the front and joining in conversation regularly helped me with this class. He tries to learn everyone's names and is very personable. He cares about every student and is always willing to help.

The class is perfect. This was the best class I had all semester. The classroom just needs better desks.

The instructor often rants about things off subject.

So I feel like I learnt lot of material, but I question how much of that is tainted by his political bias. He openly spoke ill of President Obama, and I know you can't talk economics without involving the other social sciences. I just don't know how much of the content has a conservative bias. He also talks about his faith a fair amount. Again, I understand you teach from what you know and your background, but I wish there were less bible references in class. One point during the course he asked who was muslim. He did this to make a point, and I believe he did this without offending anyone. I am not entirely sure because I was not a part of the collection of people who raised their hands, but I wasn't sure if that were quite kosher either. I loved everything about this course. I question the legitimacy of some of the information because of his right wing position.

Principles Of Macroeconomics/MW 2:30-3:45

The text was expensive.

This course is taught very thoroughly and in depth. The course has opened my eyes to a lot of things not just concerning school.

The course was difficult because it was mostly evaluated by test. The homework every Tuesday and Sunday helped me the most.

They seem hard at a glance, but given the guidance of Thad our lord and savior in economics he will guy you, or anyone to success.

I like this professor, and I am so into examples for each chapters which are so useful to understand materials. However, you have to work hard for every exam to pass this class.

I do not like to carry a heavy textbook, so using an online textbook is a good idea. I have learned many things as to macroeconomics so far since the beginning of this semester.

I love the homework assignments it helps to prepare for the test and to better learn the material.

He is a great professor, but his class is difficult for international students.

The course itself has taught me many thing, however taking it with another professor I would of learned the things but not remember them for the long term.

I honestly haven't learned that much in this class, its a very hard topic to grasp but he doesn't really teach it either.

 I enjoy the fact that Mr. Jackson does not require a lot of reading. He likes to get down to the real stuff, and he will not tell us anything if it is not worth our time.

I've never been one to like buying access codes but the mind tap stuff was all pretty interesting and helpful in my studying. The homework assignments are easy and repetitive so the material sticks with you.

I absolutely love economics and Professor Jackson used great materials to help me in learning more about economics.

He will explain to use what is happening in the real world. He will show use points on PowerPoint, but he doesn't just read each point to use he explains each point thoroughly.

Not necessarily taught, but did learn through the repetitive homework assigned.

Best Professor I have had in my whole college career.

High quality instruction class. Dr. Jackson is 100% my favorite teacher ever.

The instruction that is given to us is very thorough, and if you have any questions about anything the instructor is always wanting to help.

Instruction in this course was good, but could get off topic a lot in class.

Thadford Jackson is possibly the BEST teacher on campus, he teaches so effectively that it simulates my brain, and inspires me. I have not to this day left class unsatisfied with his class, and I have complete faith in his teaching skills. This guy deserves to be staffed at a better university, so please for the love of god do not lose him, keep him for as long as possible, I'd like my younger brother to take a seat in his class for at least a semester, and that hopefully one day my kids go to this university for his class. I may be exaggerating a tad, however I;m not kidding when i say this guy a really great teacher.

Mr. Jackson is by far the best professor I have had throughout college. He explains subjects very well, involves students, and cares about what he teaches.

The quality of the instruction of this course was way better than any other class I have had. He not only teaches us the material but also how to study effectively.

He always takes care of students even though international students.

Hands down the best teacher I have ever had in my life. Mr. Jackson dedicated more time to his students than a couch does to his players. He made it his job to know everyone's name and at least one thing about each student. Not only could he hold your attention but he would teach in a away where you learned. He would give you the inside information that some professors may not want you to know. Not only did I learn about economics I learned how to actually study.

Excellent never felt lost and always prepared for each test.

He's a super nice guy, kinda weirds me out though. He's really passionate about his career but never actually talks about the material.

He is one of the best instructors that I have ever had.

Mr. Jackson is the best professor for this course.

All the lectures are extremely helpful to your success on the exams. Sometimes the instructor goes into seemingly unrelated tangents, but he always comes back around to the topic at hand.

Professor Jackson made this course absolutely great. I wish he could teach all of my classes.

He cared about his students grades, he provided help when needed and went out of his way to help us.

Easier question, would be what were the instructor's greatest weaknesses, of which I will answer that question with a simple answer; None. The guy is really talented, and you can really tell he loves his job.

Mr. Jackson thoroughly explains course material, he uses real world examples, he is a great listener as well.

Very enthusiastic about teaching and wants to make sure everyone student actually learns and develops good study skills.

His quirkiness.

He taught us how to study effectively and kept everyone's attention. He taught the material in an effective way.

He has many students, but he is always friendly to whoever he is.

His connection with the students. Hey really cares about his students and the material he is teaching. He wants us to learn it so it will benefit us in the long run. Great teacher I have really enjoyed hearing his lectures.

His love for what he does. He genuinely cares for every student that walks through that door and he shows it.

Mr. Jackson showed great enthusiasm and a drive to see all his students succeed. He's very lenient when it comes to grading essays on assignments and tests and makes sure to repeat the material to the point where studying can be pretty minimal since you'll remember evening from lecture.

Story-telling as a teaching principle, structure, high-demand with reasonable difficulty, and I learned more about life in this class then I ever thought I would.

The class is very relax environment. He does not take your attendance. Sometimes uses smart board to show notes but mostly just writes them down on the white boards while he's talking.

Some students would come and not pay any attention even though attendance is not required. Some times they would talk and be distracting but Mr Jackson never kicked them out. Or people would be playing on there phones in class. He could improve by being more forceful and kicking people out who was not paying attention.

Not to say there isn't area for improvement, but I truly enjoyed the class so its hard for me to find flaws and point out what areas need improvement.

The instructor is very thorough and almost always sends emails and blackboard notifications about upcoming assignments. He presents many opportunities for bonus throughout the semester and is typically available in case you have a question. The only improvement I could really ask for is to refrain from getting off topic do much in lecture. Its funny most of the time but more often if causes me to lose focus and forget the material.

Honestly, I am not sure as this class was the most fun I have ever had in any of my class history, college and high school included. He knows how to teach.

The professor just lectures on information he knows. If the student has anything to say they can say it.

 He has already improved the class. Now his class is the best it can be. There is nothing he can do to improve his class.

Don't go on so many tangents, very helpful advice, but I'm paying for a class to learn macro not the secret to life. Would love to hear those discussions when it's not during my class time. If i'm not going to learn in class, I'd rather use that time to be studying.

Stay on topic.

I feel the professor could have actually taught lessons each class period.

Less essays on tests. As in none.

Economic Issues and Concepts

 It's more realistic and applicable than I thought.

It's easy to learn and he makes it enjoyable.

The choice of text and materials utilized in this course were impressive. The instructor insisted on using two textbooks, one online with corresponding software to distribute homework assignments and another to elaborate on the social implications/ arguments to be made in the subdivided fields of economic policy. In addition, supplemental research articles and instructional videos were posted on Blackboard for those who were interested in further research on the topics of discussion.

The text is useful in the class. However, he emails other material that he finds interesting to us to provide us with a better understanding of his lectures.

One of the more interesting courses I've taken during my time at Arkansas State University. He took a very dull subject and made it interesting.

Great teacher and great course.

The text for this class is just a large amount of reading I don't really do, and a lot of repetitive homework questions that teach you the stuff from the readings without you having to actually do them.

Overall it is a great course, and i thoroughly enjoyed being in this class. 10/10 would recommend.

I found economics to be very boring in high school, but this course has been very good learning experience for me.

It would have been nice to know that one of our textbooks wasn't necessary.

Mr. Jackson made this a very informative course, I learned much more than I thought I would. Before he taught this class, I had tried to take it and ended up dropping it.

The course of Economics is not easily taught or learned, but Dr. Jackson took a different approach that made using the text much easier.

I wish we would've used Learning Catalytic's more instead of what we did, I felt like I payed for no reason because we did not use it that often. Professor Jackson did an alright job following along with the book, especially with the curriculum we were tested on; however, he did use a lot of in class stories to help me further my understanding on the subject at matter.

The course is useful to take.

The course was great. The text was not used often but it was there for reference and helped

The course was very eye opening to me, it showed me just how little I know about the world and also in some ways how much of the world will never be known. I am now strongly deciding to declare a major in economics because this course was so interesting and I have been searching for a subject that kept me interested and compelled me to research the subject matter outside of the classroom.

The text and materials of the course were not necessarily needed in order to be successful or to retain information of the course. Purchasing the online access code is plenty, and students could save a lot of money by only purchasing the online book/homework software. Most of the learning of material comes from lectures and paying attention in class.

The quality of instruction in the course was top notch as compared to my previous experiences in economics courses. The course has been lively, relevant, and the instructor has the ability to make the material come alive in an accessible manner which relates economic principles to modern socioeconomic issues. He steers clear of jargon and goes straight for the jugular in regards to what we should know and why it is important to know this. The lectures are highly engaging and you leave class with a sense of wonder at the dynamic nature and scope of economic principles in contemporary society.

It helped me better understand economics.

His instruction in my opinion is unmatched. I've never had a professor who captivates an entire student body the way he does.

Mr. Jackson was incredibly passionate about his work, and that made him interesting to listen to. I always learned something new in his class.

The instruction of this course was excellent. I feel like I have learned more than I have in other classes.

Thad is an amazing teacher. If anyone else tried to teach me, it would pale in comparison and incinerate on the spot in Thad's magnificent, efficient way to both grasp our attentions, keep us focused, and teach us the material all at the same time. I never miss a class when he is the teacher, unless I sleep thru my alarm.

The intrusions are pretty clear for the most part. Certain parts were a bit harder to understand, but when I said I was having trouble with something he would explain it in better detail to help.

He is an excellent teacher, though he can occasionally be sporadic.

Great teacher. Made a boring subject very entertaining. I wanted to go to this class.

Better than expected. My only concerns are that my expectations for professors are now too high!

I would rate the quality of instruction for this course very high. I was able to apply this information to real life situations is why I would give it such a high rating.

Chases rabbits but they are the good kind that lead to wonderland type conversations.

The instruction was clear, and it was set forth on day one that Dr. Jackson wanted us to learn, and took the time necessary so we would not just the definitions of economics but how it actually works.

Dr. Jackson does tend to stray off subject matter and get carried away, but for the most part he cares about the education we receive in his class and cares more about us coming out of learning something rather than worry about a letter grade.

In my opinion the instruction was great, it challenged us to really think outside the box and you could even say outside of the social norms. It was also greatly encouraging, and at times very funny, but it wasn't a circus, it was the first class I have had that could be hilarious and teach you something at the same time. Loved it. I'm trying to think of something to critique but I honestly cannot think of anything i did not like.

The instruction in the course was exceptional. It was interesting every class period and kept the class engaged.

The instructor's greatest strength is his willingness to help his students. He is always accessible and is willing to make the effort to help if it is needed. Reflecting on my own experiences, he has served as an instructor as well as a mentor who has helped steer me in the right direction intellectually. I enjoyed economics before entering his course and will have left his course knowing that I want to make a career in the field of economics.

He was funny, cared about our grades, he not only taught economics but life lessons.

His concept of reality, his ability to relate to each student, his willingness to accept others beliefs as genuine.

Obviously knows the material inside and out. Great teacher with lots of passion. Mixes humor and stories well into lectures.

Mr. Jackson is the best thing that can happen to a student during their college experience to understand and apply Economics to their future. He's everything I never even knew I needed in a professor! A++++++

Very charismatic and upbeat! He is also a funny guy but turns the jokes into learning. He also really cared about his students and was never too busy to have a conversation with someone.

Engaging with students, allowing a free exchange of opinions, relate-able, knowledgeable of subject matter, and well-versed in presenting the material to students.

The environment is very friendly and the technology is basic because he teaches by explaining the topic to you.

Sometimes the technology has issues but is fine overall.

Technology was used to teach an effective lesson, with blackboard and emails weekly so the class knew the direction in which the class was going.

An auditorium with us all focused on him, and with three computer screens in the back displaying his slides. Advanced technology, more worried about students participating in class discussion rather than forcing them to take notes and reading slide for slide.

 I have no idea. One of the best courses I've taken, so I wouldn't change anything.

N/A . I recommend this instructor to all my friends contemplating economics as a major. In addition, I hope he becomes the instructor for the upcoming "Capitalism and Free Enterprise" course.

I think giving the homework earlier instead of the night before would be more helpful to those who work.

I honestly feel the instructor has done the best he could. However, he could be a bit more direct with the material that is going to be on his exams. I do appreciate learning material on my own though.

He's very passionate about what he does. He is great teacher and I would like to see more in class lecturing over reading a textbook. We are to read the textbook and he is supplementary which I recommend it to be the other way.

I wish the instructor would have gave more out of class credit, encouraging us to attend events that we sometimes miss during class. I wish we talked more about the social perspective of economics, and more direct history rather than just the theory behind it.

History of Economic Thought/Honors Section

The text wasn't useful in this class. The instructor gave clear and informational lectures that were enough to fully understand the course concepts.

Book is difficult to follow, but I think its because of the actual material it's discussing.

For me, the textbook is somewhat difficult to understand so I did not use it much. I mainly watched videos to learn the material.

The text is very informative and interesting to read.

The text and materials provided are all very interesting. The text book is one of the view texts in college I've ever read for enjoyment. The scope of the course and the critical thinking skills being developed are magnificent.

The material is not very interesting but Mr. Jackson makes it more interesting and explains it well.

He explained everything very well, book was very helpful.

Didn't really use a book, bought one, and he pulled test questions from the book, however never referenced the book in class.

The material was super hard. The ambiguity of the text was not aided by Dr. Jackson's way of attempting to clarify it.

 Love his instructing. He does an incredible job of connecting with the students and making things interesting.

The instruction is clear, the instructor provides precise detail about what he wants.

Thad is very knowledgeable on the course subject and truly wants students to learn.

Good teacher, lots of knowledge, a little all over the place, could come across as offensive if you don't believe the way he does.

The productivity of the lectures were inconsistent. His testing did not represent what he taught.

I'm glad to finally have a professor that cares about his students learning and becoming educated.

 Approachable, treats the students like the adults, and doesn't BS.

He is very good at using real life examples and making the class interesting.

He is a great speaker and is very intelligent. He is great at what he does.

The instructor is enthusiastic and brings energy to the class. His lectures are fun to listen to and he makes the information interesting.

He could have stayed on topic more and been more specific about what was due and when it was due. I found myself often wondering what was going on and what we were supposed to be doing.

Thad is seriously awesome. The best teacher I have had in a long time. His text and assigned materials for the course were spot on. Please keep him around to teach more classes. He is what AState needs.

He was 90% clear on his instructions. I think at times he could be overwhelmed with this being his first time at A-State teaching new materials in a new environment, but he overall did wonderful and would like to take him again.

His presentation and real world information really helped me understand. We need more professors who are energized and want to teach like him. He really has a passion and cares about the students.

The only improvement I could think of is if he gave out free food. Other than that, he is legit. Too legit to quit.

More clear description of assignments and when they were due.



Arkansas State University: Fall 2016

Principles of Macroeconomics/TR 8:00-9:15

Selected quotes:

Probably the best course/instructor I have taken throughout my college career.

He doesn't go along with the textbook, but none of us would have read it anyway. He was correct about that.

I really like the book assigned to this course. It explained things very well. The book is not mandatory however it is good to have in case you miss a day of class. The book is very easy to understand and I found reading the chapters helpful before completing homework assignments.

Mr. Jackson is an awesome instructor. He goes above and beyond to make sure his students are learning AND understanding the material. I actually look forward to going to his 8:00 am class.

By far the best course I have taken at ASU. He related coursework with current events and would go above and beyond to try and make sure students understood the material. He made himself available at all times for students to meet with him if they needed help. He is passionate about teaching and cares about the success of his students. I have benefited greatly from taking this course and highly recommend students to take it.

Professor Jackson is the first teacher I have had in my two years at Arkansas State that truly understands the learning behaviors of his students. It is obvious that he has meticulously planned his lectures, and his class as a whole. I felt engaged in his classroom at 8AM for an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week the entire semester. The excitement to learn something important was more than enough to wake me up and get me to class eager to see what he had in store. If all of my teachers were at Professor Jackson's level of teaching I would never fail a class.

The course was well taught by an instructor that truly cares about his students. Was NOT an easy A, but learned all of what I didn't in microeconomics.

Gives you every chance possible to succeed in this class, explains all the material very well. Also if you have a question he will take his time to make sure that the people who do not understand the material catch on before he moves on to the next subject.

I had this class at 8 AM. It is very hard, if not impossible, for a teacher to keep the attention of every student in the classroom, especially in economics. However, Professor Jackson kept us all awake and interested in the topics we discussed. I actually enjoyed getting up early in the morning because I looked forward to coming to class every day. That is not something I usually enjoy doing. The class was interesting, he takes the time to make sure you understand, he goes above and beyond to help students succeed in the classroom, and he helps us when we are struggling with the course material. This class was my favorite this semester. It was challenging, but worth it.

Enthusiastic. He cares about his students; he always asks everyone how they're doing; usually on a first name basis! He doesn't make the course impossible to comprehend. I feel like I have learned
so much in a short amount of time.

 Professor Jackson's greatest strength is his intelligence. This man completely understands the relationship between the teacher, and the pupil, and the entire learning process that goes along with it. He is able to utilize this knowledge to ensure his students leave knowing the material.

Principles of Macroeconomics/TR 11:00-12:15

Selected quotes:

This course under my given professor may be one of the best and most interesting classes I have ever taken.

Mr. Jackson very much wants his students to learn the course materials, but he lacks the professionalism to do so. I dreaded going to his class every Tuesday and Thursday. When he did teach, I could learn the course material, but more often than not he would not teach microeconomics. Most everything I learned about microeconomics I learned from the website with the homework. Mr. Jackson talked about prostitution, drugs, and could be very rude to students. He would sniff his expo markers before writing on the board with them just to get a laugh from the class. He seemed to want to entertain the class more than teach us.

He is easily the best economics teacher I've ever had. He cares more about you understanding the concepts than anything else.

The material was difficult to learn at times, but if you tried it made it much easier.

Class is really interesting, but we mostly speak about thing only remotely connected to the topic itself. However, teacher give us a lot of important and interesting information about the school and the economy.

The course and materials were very useful in learning economics. Mr. Jackson had prepared his materials in such a matter, that every student can learn with ease.

I think the instructor's greatest strength was his enthusiasm for economics. He was very excited about the subject, but would tend to get very sidetracked during the class. While his rants were quite entertaining, they rarely had anything to do with macroeconomics and I would find myself with a blank notebook with no notes from class when it came time to study for the tests. Overall, he was unlike any professor I have ever had and I hope he continues to be the enthusiastic, crazy, war veteran, professor that I experienced this fall.

Mr. Jackson is the Lebron James of economics. He is passionate about student learning and understanding. He is very inspiring to students, and cares about them on a personal level. From day one, he made it clear his students came first.

Dr. Jackson often incorporated his own opinion into class subjects. This was fine to see how he felt about certain situations, but sometimes it was not necessary for us to know what he thinks, it is only important for us to know what we need to.

I feel that if the instructor were to stop telling the students how much high school sucks and how we didn't learn anything, he'd have a little more time to teach the course. Also, his ego takes up about 2/3 of the room and gets in the way of the course material so if he could reel it back a little, that'd help.

Principles of Macroeconomics with Professor Jackson is my favorite course of all time. He puts so much time into really trying to help students learn in/outside of class. He was extremely flexible with meeting with students outside of class, even when it was not his office hours, which was a huge help and just shows how much he cares about his students. He is the best teacher I have ever had. I would and plan to take any class that Professor Jackson teachers. Great teacher, lots of learning while having fun.

It is good. I enjoy listening to the teacher most of the time. When ever I speak up, he listens and reacts appropriately, well, sometimes with sarcasm, but i love that. Don't get rid of that.

I enjoyed the class not because of the course material, but because the instructor's rants were highly entertaining. There were some moments though that I felt the man's sanity needed to be checked.

Principles of Macroeconomics/Wed 2:00-4:30

Selected Quotes:

This class was scheduled for only half of a semester, meeting once a week. The course material is very heavy due to the amount to cover in such short time. Thad tries very hard to help you learn the material and is very willing to meet and discuss any questions students have. He is very energetic in his lectures which really helps with learning the material.

He really understands economics and the uses the text effectively in trying to get us to learn. 

Thad is very passionate about economics and its concepts. He is a true educator who wants you to learn and grow through the class whether or not economics is your major or one is taking the class as a prerequisite.

He is very well spoken and cares deeply of his students and that shows. he answers email within an hour usually and is always willing to meet to help you better understand the concept he is teaching.

Thad Jackson by far may be one of the best instructors in the economics department. Economics is a very dry course that many students struggle to get through, and Thad truly makes the course bearable while teaching in a way that makes the course and its material enjoyable. He is willing to open up to his students about his personal life to allow them to more fully understand a topic, and provides copious amounts of outside references for studying. Highly recommended.

Economic Issues and Concepts

Selected quotes:

Best teacher I have at A-state.

Very interesting lectures, and he teaches it well. If anyone has concerns about what he is teaching he will meet one on one and go over it.

Topics covered in the class were great as were the tools used by the instructor. I did not, in fact, even purchase or look at a book so I cannot comment on the text itself.

The textbook was basically useless. Mr. Jackson did a good enough job of explaining the material in class and by using articles and videos from the internet, so we never really needed to read the book. I kind of feel like it was just a waste of money.

We didn't use the text much, only for one chapter. I don't think it should be required for the course because as long as you come to class, pay attention, and participate you'll do well.

Great course, the way Jackson teaches it in a way that allows you to apply what you learn in real life.

He is amazing. Love his teaching methods!

The textbook wasn't a bad choice. It was a good read. Better than most textbooks I've read. The course was very good. I have such a better understanding of economics. He has changed my perspectives on somethings while causing me to look at others with deeper questions and becoming more confident in some of my views. The course was very helpful for the direction I want to go in life. I had no idea this  course would be useful in my area of study.

Materials are very practical and easy to follow. The material is easy to pick up on if you put in the effort.

The instructor's teaching skills are unlike anything I have ever seen before. He puts the most difficult ideas in the simplest terms for the students to understand. He uses fantastic analogies and stories to help us grasp the concepts. He is the best professor I have had so far.

Openness, Communication and the ability to encourage the students desire to drive their own learning. It is inspirational to listen to lectures given by this instructor and often times find myself doing research on the things talked about during the lecture.

He found different ways to relate to each student and help them find the material interesting. For example, he knew my minor was Women and Gender Studies so he suggested an economic gook written from a feminist perspective.

Explaining material to students level of understanding. Making the course interesting Interacting with the students. Letting students be in control of their own learning. Being readily available to help. Providing supplemental materials.

His ability to make everyone laugh. His blunt honesty. His humility. His genuine desire to know who we are, how we think, where we are in life and what we want to know. His strong sense of honor. His ability to take concepts and tie them to real life so we could understand them. He helped relate diagrams of supply and demand to our life experiences so we weren't crippled by a shape on a sheet of paper.

He treats everyone like adults for starters, which is more than I can honestly say for a lot of professors I have encountered at ASU. He doesn't pander to certain groups, and treats everyone as equals. He gives everyone one on one time if they need it, and tries to make some kind of connection with everyone. You can really tell that Mr. Jackson is here for his students. He is concerned about our future, our present, and our past, and wants to prepare us to succeed. He is inspiring and very motivational without even trying. If I wasn't signed up for his classes, I would want to sit in whenever I could.

I hate economics and this is my favorite class not because of the subject matter but the way Mr. Jackson teaches it.

The overall instruction has been exemplary, I went into this course pre-disposed to thinking that the class was a waste of my time and that I would be annoyed by the instructor. I have been pleasantly surprised by the desire I have to engage in the class and how much I have learned that I feel pertains, not only to my college career, but my career and life as a whole.

No professor has made me want to learn like he did. I rearranged my life and focus so I could give the time to learn the material. He took the stress (but not the work and effort) out of learning. He shifted the way I see things. He encouraged humility. I felt like he genuinely cared about us. If I had got an F in this class, it was still worth taking to watch his leadership over so many people at one time. I took lessons away that I could not find in a textbook. He has sparked my interests in matters that did not appeal to my interests before. He made me want to be diligent for truth. He was very relevant to issues of the day. I feared and put off for the longest any economics course, and I'm so glad he ended up being my professor. I'm so grateful I made it through economics and it was no where near what I thought it to be. I didn't have to cram information that I did not understand for the sake of a grade on a test. I understand things I didn't understand before because he would not move on until everybody got it.

Thought he did a very good job. Except he did admit he graded some peoples test harder than others & when I compared my answer to a question with a girl that had the same answer she got it right and I got it wrong. Thought that was a bit much and for him to even admit he didn't grade fairly.

The overall quality was like nothing I have received in college yet. His method of teaching, and approaching material was like no other teacher I have had, and I wish more professors were like him.

Eastern Kentucky University: Spring 2016

Principles of Macroeconomics/TR: 9:30-10:45

Selected quotes:

Thad was a wonderful professor. I would recommend a course of his to anyone…

Thad used slide shows that he made and spoke with passion. I found this to be quite refreshing as normally other professors used slides from the book and droned.

By far, Thad is my favorite professor this year. He took time in order to work with us, and he made students strive for greatness.

He had his good and his bad attributes like most, but is passionate about the subject which is a plus.

He is honestly a wonderful professor who actually cares and wants to see you succeed.

I would take him over and over again. 10 out of 10.

I really have enjoyed Professor Jackson’s class. If I could take another class with him, I would. He is a strong teacher, relatable, funny and easy to get along with in class. He seems to care about his students’ ability to learn.

The presentation was sometimes a little unorganized and off-topic, but I always felt like I was learning regardless.

Professor Jackson had firsthand knowledge with investing and supply and demand from previous working experience. He taught me a great deal about finance along with the studies of economics.

Professor Jackson will go above and beyond to help us learn.

I would recommend Professor Jackson to anyone taking his courses. I am sad to see EKU lose such an awesome professor.

Funny at time, tells it like it is, goes over real life situations and how pertains to real life. Did not care for subject but made more enjoyable that micro.

Professor Jackson is extremely knowledgeable and would explain things we didn’t understand or let us explain to him what we understood the explanation to be. He never put his beliefs on us and allowed us to make up our own minds.

I learned more in his course than any other I’ve ever taken.

What I learned in this course was well beyond the textbook level.

By far my favorite professor. I learned more in this course because of Professor Jackson’s encouragement to learn than I did in my entire first year of college.

Took the time to learn everyone’s name, major, interests, etc.

This was my favorite class to attend and the professor made it enjoyable.

Solid, smart and influential instructor and push (sic) you beyond your limits to success. Best economics professor hands down.

By far the best instructor I’ve had at EKU. He teaches you things that will benefit our lives and the importance of those lessons. I would love to take all my classes from him.

This course pushes you more than any other 200 level class I have ever taken. But it forces you to become responsible for your own learning.

Invest in his students, pushing them to show what they are actually able to achieve is far greater than what they may have first believed.

As an education major, it is hard to believe that this turned out to be one of my favorite classes.

Principles of Microeconomics/TR: 12:30-1:45

Rating: 3.45 out of 4

Selected Quotes:

Thad was a wonderful professor. I would recommend a course of his to anyone…

Thad used slide shows that he made and spoke with passion. I found this to be quite refreshing as normally other professors used slides from the book and droned.

By far, Thad is my favorite professor this year. He took time in order to work with us, and he made students strive for greatness.

He is honestly a wonderful professor who actually cares and wants to see you succeed.

I would take him over and over again. 10 out of 10.

I really have enjoyed Professor Jackson’s class. If I could take another class with him, I would. He is a strong teacher, relatable, funny and easy to get along with in class. He seems to care about his students’ ability to learn.

The presentation was sometimes a little unorganized and off-topic, but I always felt like I was learning regardless.

Professor Jackson had firsthand knowledge with investing and supply and demand from previous working experience. He taught me a great deal about finance along with the studies of economics.

Professor Jackson will go above and beyond to help us learn.

I would recommend Professor Jackson to anyone taking his courses. I am sad to see EKU lose such an awesome professor.

Funny at times, tells it like it is, goes over real life situations and how pertains to real life. Did not care for subject but made more enjoyable that micro.

Professor Jackson is extremely knowledgeable and would explain things we didn’t understand or let us explain to him what we understood the explanation to be. He never put his beliefs on us and allowed us to make up our own minds.

I learned more in his course than any other I’ve ever taken.

What I learned in this course was well beyond the textbook level.

By far my favorite professor. I learned more in this course because of Professor Jackson’s encouragement to learn than I did in my entire first year of college.

Took the time to learn everyone’s name, major, interests, etc.

This was my favorite class to attend and the professor made it enjoyable.

Solid, smart and influential instructor and push (sic) you beyond your limits to success. Best economics professor hands down.

By far the best instructor I’ve had at EKU. He teaches you things that will benefit our lives and the importance of those lessons. I would love to take all my classes from him.

This course pushes you more than any other 200 level class I have ever taken. But it forces you to become responsible for your own learning.

Invest in his students, pushing them to show what they are actually able to achieve is far greater than what they may have first believed.

As an education major, it is hard to believe that this turned out to be one of my favorite classes.

Tests were challenging like they were supposed to be, but we were always well prepared.

Thad Jackson is one of the best professors I've had. He made a boring dry class interesting and fun.

Was good but we could have covered more material.

He was definitely unconventional, and I can't thank him enough for that. He really made us think and question things; very refreshing to not have yet another professor drone on like Ben Stein.

Professor Jackson is a rare breed. He really pushes his students to think and educate ourselves outside the classroom. I was very disappointed to hear he won't be returning next year.

Mr. Jackson has been the best professor (at EKU economics) and the most devoted teacher I have personally had.

Best professor I've had at EKU. He changed the way I think about learning and going to college.

He got confusing/hard at times. Felt like I learned some. Just not as much as I could have.

I loved coming to class and listening. He related everything to real life. It was easy to see that you would need to know what he was teaching and actually use it in the real world.

Principles of Microeconomics/MWF: 11:15-12:05

Rating: 3.9 out of 4

Selected quotes:

His unorthodox approach really hit the lessons home.

He might be the best professor I’ve ever had.

His main goal was to make us learn. It’s not just a job to him, he cares about whether his students are learning or not.

He is one of the 2 greatest instructors I’ve ever had.

He knows how to make students understand the essential concept of daily economics—this class is economics for life.

Very few professors make any part of their life outside of class our lives. This was not the case. He wanted us to succeed and be motivated in his own way. He wanted us to learn.

I often left class inspired. Even though sometimes it was a little quirky it was alright. I wanted to see and learn.

He assigned way too much homework, did not follow the lectures or the chapters of the book very often, he liked to make fun of students a lot.

He taught better than the other professors I’ve had, but I probably learned the same.

Some of it was confusing because it wasn’t organized.

He is amazing at what he does. But college students want direct due dates and everything planned so they can plan accordingly.

The lecture is where I learned the most. It was just entertaining so I found myself listening more than I normally would.

Jackson has been one of the best professors I have had throughout college & the best professor I have had at this university.

He didn’t have to have slides, notes or anything to present the material. He knew what he was talking about and is very effective at getting his point across.

Thad went out of his way to give every student the opportunity to make sure everyone understood and always re-opened homework if extra help was needed.

Great. He is always kind, interested and engaging. He knows how to joke with us while still controlling the classroom.

Professor Jackson put a lot of effort into helping us learn, often repeating lessons or homework if we needed more help.

One of the best professors I’ve ever had. Very interesting, cares about students, and gives a lot of effort.

Best professor I’ve ever had. Made economics interesting.

Best professor ever. I would take gender studies if he taught it.

Principles of Microeconomics/MWF: 9:05-9:55

Rating: 3.5 out of 4

Selected quotes:

Multiple examples, emails to help understand problems, clear explanation of content, and relating to real world scenarios.

Instructor was very encouraging and cares about students. Instructor gives lectures about how to succeed in life and not to accept failure.

Instructor went out of his way and did extra to help students. Instructor got to know students by asking questions about us. Also, related course material to our personal interests like hobbies, majors, and future careers.

Awesome professor. Would take him again.

I really enjoyed this class and the professor and I learned more in this class than I have in any that I have taken before.

Barely explained anything in class and expected us to teach ourselves the content and use google to help us as well.

If someone was not available during his office hours he would refuse to make a separate time for them and send them to the tutoring center.

He is nice but he needs to be working at a college like Harvard or Stanford for the way he teaches.

I really liked how he got students involved through examples and even making us come up with definitions and our own examples.

I liked his style of teaching very much and he helped me to actually learn the material. The only thing is sometimes we would get distracted in class and get off topic for a while but other than that he is a very good instructor.

He seemed to really know what he was talking about & was eager to share that knowledge with us. He incorporated the class & knew everyone’s name which made the learning environment more comfortable and beneficial.

Top notch instructor. If I had to take another economics class, I would definitely like to have him as an instructor.

If anyone had a problem then he would not give up until everyone understood the material.

We actually learned instead of just memorizing it for a grade. He put a lot of time and effort into making sure we understood everything.

He seemed very invested in our success, and he genuinely wants us to do well in life. I felt like he’s one of the few professors that actually take an interest in if we’re learning. He is very personable, approachable, and helpful. I really like how easy he is to talk to and how down-to-earth he is.

Too much work with limited amount of time.

His connections were memorable ones.

His lectures are usually interesting, sometimes he gets off topic or throws in a lot of personal opinion in there, but it is what it is.

He’s fair, probably too fair, not a jerk, the tests aren’t bad, the course load isn’t too much. The only complain I have would be the 100 question homework assignments. But still, A+.

Business Finance/University of Alabama

Effective Communicator: 4.94 out of 5

Effective Teacher: 4.78 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4.82 out of 5

Selected Quotes:

Mr. Jackson really impressed me with his availability and timeliness. Even sitting in the Baschinsky Computer lab at 9:30 at night I knew I could call him and he would literally come to me within minutes and help me out. I have never had a professor provide as much attention, advice, and explanations as I have received from Mr. Jackson.

He is a great teacher. Mr. Jackson during this summer term made us (the students) his life for a month. It was a great feeling to think that a teacher is doing all of this to make sure that we pass this course. If you put forth the effort to try he was there willing to help you through it. He scheduled sessions for us on the weekends and he would even meet us in the library. He was there around the clock. Mr. Jackson was a great teacher, if there were more teachers like him then I know a lot of subjects wouldn't have been as hard as they were..

One of the best teachers I have ever had. Easily the most dedicated and driven. He went way out of his way daily to make sure his students understood the material completely.

He was an excellent teacher! It is very obvious that he is very enthusiastic about the course subject and is very passionate about his students.

He was always ready and willing to help outside of class. He was clear about the expectations of the course and the large amount of effort necessary to do well. He always went above and beyond his responsibilities to ensure that his students succeeded to the best of their abilities.

Mr. Jackson is an excellent communicator and teaches the material very thoroughly. One of the top two teachers I have had while at UA.

I think Mr. Jackson should continue to be an energetic teacher, calling on everyone in the classroom to keep each student involved and make sure each student has a full understanding of the material. Also, the help available outside of the regular class was a tremendous help, making it possible for me to succeed in the most difficult class I have taken up to date.

Mr. Jackson did a great job of motivating students in a course that is very challenging. He has been a very influential instructor, because he never gave up on the class or any individual that was in the class. John was a wonderful instructor that took his job seriously and earned his pay by providing students with an understanding of material that is known to give students trouble. Mr. Jackson communicated well and was always available for extra instruction no matter what the situation. The one thing that Mr. Jackson could improve on is his sense of time. He was occasionally a little late or ran a little late, but when he went over class time it was usually for the classes benefit.

Mr. Jackson was a great instructor. He took extra time to help us, the students, with any problems we had with the course.

Thad Jackson was the best teacher I have had at the University. He learned everyone’s name in the class in less than a week, and he took the job very seriously. He wanted each and every student to succeed. He was there to help if we had any questions all day every day and he even conducted study sessions on weekends when students needed extra help. I have never met a teacher so passionate about the subject being taught, and it excited me to learn more about finance.

Mr. Jackson should continue his teaching style. He tried to prepare us for the tests, as well as teach us the essential parts of the class. In addition he tried to insert real world applications and knowledge to the class. In my opinion, it made concepts much easier to grasp, however the tests were still quite difficult. He also showed a caring attitude that is rare among teachers/professors. His determination for us lead all of us to work harder as well.